Upcoming events:

  • Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, 2019 in Lund
    From: 2019-11-13 14:30 to: 2019-11-14 16:30
    Place: Stora Hörsalen, IKDC, Sölvegatan 26, Lund, Sweden
    The purpose of STEW is to encourage and promote cooperation between different industry sectors, between academia/institutes and companies, and with the public sector.
    STEW wants to make research and project results visible and stimulate new cooperation in software technology.
    The conference is organized to facilitate knowledge exchange and dissemination of results from different forms of cooperation. STEW provides a forum for researchers and industry representatives to meet and learn about recent, industry-relevant research and experiences in the domain of software development. The conference also promotes networking among academic and industrial attendees.
    Programmme and registrationFull programmme and registration at:
  • Introduction to data handling using R tidyverse in a modern software environment, in Lund, 13 -14 November 2019
    The aim of the workshop is to teach researchers the fundamental skills that will help them be more productive while producing work of higher quality. During this two day workshop, students learn how to automate tasks using the Unix shell, how to track and share work using version control in Gi as well as data management and visualisation in R.
    The workshop does not require any previous knowledge of the tools that will be presented at the workshop. It aimed towards novice users.
    For more information and access to registration, see:
  • Training seminar: “C3SE Introductory Seminar” in Gothenburg, 25 November 2019, 13:15 – 15:00
    The seminar describes how to work on the systems and introduces the provided toolset.  Work management and best practices are also discussed.  The event is intended for all new users, to get a comprehensive overview on the systems and how to get started with using them.
    This seminar will also be offered on 25 November.
    For more information and registration see:
  • User group meeting: “Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting”, in Gothenburg, 20 November 2019
    The purpose of the meeting is to bring together people working with OpenFOAM to get to know each other and share experiences.  It is in particular a good occasion for OpenFOAM users at the SNIC resources to meet and learn from each other.  The meeting is free of charge and open to anyone (Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe etc.).  There is a maximum number of attendees.
    For more information see:, LinkedIn group:

    Registration by mail to:  SNIC users should mention that they are SNIC users.

  • Writing Parallel Applications Using MPI in Stockholm at KTH (3rd December, 2019)
    Message Passing is presently the most widely deployed programming model in massively parallel high performance computing. Message passing is suitable for programming a wide range of current computer architectures, ranging from multi-core desktop equipment to the fastest HPC systems in the world, offering several hundred thousand processing elements.
    Time: Tue 2019-12-03 09.00 – 17.00
    Lecturer: PDC staff
    Location: Room 304, 3rd floor Teknikringen 14, PDC, KTH main campus
    This one day course will teach you how to write parallel programs using MPI. The course will be delivered by PDC staff.
    You will need to have an account on the PDC systems in order to participate in this workshop. Please apply for an account in good time before the course if you do not already have a PDC account. Participants should be able to write programs in either C, Fortran or Python.
    To register for the course, please fill in this form.
    For more information, contact PDC

Previous events:

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  • 27 January 2015 @Uppsala — eSSENCE Workshop on Frontiers in Computational Biomedicine – Website
  • 27-29 October 2014@Uppsala — Annual meeting of the Swedish Chemical Society Theoretical Chemistry Section – Website
  • 3 June 2014 @Uppsala — Symposium on “Quality of Materials Modeling” – Website
  • 2-4 June 2014 @Uppsala — Multiscale Materials Modelling Meeting – Website
  • 3-5 June 2013 @Uppsala — eSSENCE Workshop on Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics – Website
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  • 30 November 2012 @Uppsala — Computational Materials Science/Electronic Structure meeting – Website
  • 7-8 June 2012 @ Uppsala — Multiscale Materials Modelling Meeting – Website